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Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Market

Make Realistic Goals For Pricing Your Home. 


Let's work together to discuss the market value of homes in your area. A great realtor works with and for you to get the most for your property. Unrealistic goals only slow the process and turn away potential buyers.

Make your home clean and spacious as possible.


Be cautious when selecting colors when painting or replacing flooring. Your home needs to appeal to EVERY potential buyer.


Make a list of projects - each hour spent will be worth it!

   * Clean All Windows - inside and out

   * Remove All Clutter - make a habit of picking up everyday for possible showings

   * Use Light To Create A Sense Of Space - All drapes should be open, turn on lights through out the home, and replace burned out light bulbs

   * Keep the yard neatly mowed, raked, and edged

   * Get rid of anything you do not plan to move into your new home

   * Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh And Clean

Stay In Good Communication With Your Agent.


Team work, professionalism, and communication are great keys to success in selling your home. Together - we will get it done.

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